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March 20–24, 2016 | Venetian | Palazzo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mobile Sessions and Events at Summit 2016


Tuesday, March 221:00–2:00pm

Keeping up with the demand for mobile apps in the enterprise—Session S826

There's no denying it: Organizations are struggling to deliver apps at the crushing pace required to keep up with growing demand. Learn how to address the biggest challenges related to creating and managing your apps in an environment where time to market and efficiency are crucial. Discover how to leverage existing content for your mobile channels, tie into your critical business systems for powerful, actionable experiences and tap into an integrated set of app services that eliminates the friction created by dealing with individual services. Reserve your seat in Session S826.

Tuesday, March 222:30–3:30pm

Hartford Funds: Driving teams to action with enterprise mobile apps—Session S704

Content exists all over your company—and enterprise interactive mobile apps can centralize this content to make your teams more productive and effective. In this session, hear how Hartford Funds—the mutual fund division of a Fortune 500 company—uses Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to equip its advisors with mobile apps that showcase its products and drive the business forward. Also discover how Adobe Experience Manager Mobile plays a central role in delivering content across the web and a whole new mobile channel—with a consistent experience for both. Reserve your seat in Session S704.

Wednesday, March 239:00–10:00am

DuPont: Cultivating a global strategy for mobile apps—Session S712

Apps drive customer engagement—but an app-based strategy is only valuable when the right content gets into the hands of the right customers at the right time. In this session, see how DuPont, a diversified global science company, uses Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to help grow its business—and in turn the global food supply—by equipping its customers and reps with relevant, regionalized information in mobile apps. Reserve your seat in Session S712.

Thursday, March 249:30–10:30am

Use Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets to reach your audience where they live—on mobile—Session S815

You've made the significant investment to get Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets up and running in your organization—are you ready to supercharge this investment by using the same content, workflow and staff to create mobile apps? During this session, learn how adding Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to the Adobe Experience Manager tool set you use everyday will enable you to rapidly and affordably cross publish to the web and to an app in one seamless workflow, opening an entirely new mobile channel for your enterprise. Reserve your seat in Session S815.

Thursday, March 2411:00am–12:00pm

Sales enablement on the go: Under Armour's mobile app—Session S816

According to Gartner, 40% of enterprise employees in the U.S. use smartphones or tablets for work every day, and many companies are relying more and more on mobile apps to deliver timely and accurate information to their workforce. Join us to learn how Under Armour built a digital catalog app—containing tens of thousands of SKUs—that has lowered operating costs, increased efficiencies and become a critical part of their field enablement strategy. By leveraging their Adobe creative workflows, content in Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, Under Armour can continuously deliver up-to-date and accurate product information to the field, helping them avoid lost revenue, order errors and customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately, change the way they do business. Reserve your seat in Session S816.

Hands-On Labs

Wednesday, March 238:30–10:00am

Build enterprise apps fast with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile—Session L325

If you’ve faced the challenge of quickly building mobile apps for multiple platforms while struggling to keep the content in those apps up-to-date, join us for an introductory, hands-on experience creating mobile apps using Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile equips you with the tools to create compelling enterprise apps that will engage your customers and employees—and to do it quickly to meet fast-moving market demands. Reserve your seat in Session L325.

Thursday, March 2410:00–11:30am

Manage your existing mobile apps & content with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile—Session L324

So you have existing native and hybrid mobile applications. You’re a development team and want to continue to develop rich mobile application experiences while allowing your marketing team to create, manage and quickly publish their content. Join us for this lab to learn how to manage content within existing native and hybrid apps using Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, as well as how to send push notifications, create in-app messages and be able to quickly dig into and analyze usage and lifecycle analytics data for those applications so you can react with changes that increase brand loyalty and conversions. Reserve your seat in Session L324.

Thursday, March 241:00–2:30pm

Add power to your apps with Cordova in Adobe Experience Manager Mobile—Session L305

Ready to create apps that can be extended with new device-level functionality using the Cordova plug-in framework? In this hands-on lab, learn about the capabilities of Cordova and how you can use HTML and JavaScript to bring your apps to life with actionable content. The Cordova plug-in framework allows you use using Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to build enterprise apps that interact with device-level capabilities like camera, files, location services and more—making apps not only engaging for customers and employees, but an indispensable business tool for your enterprise. Reserve your seat in Session L305.

Technical Session

Tuesday, March 221:00–2:00pm

Charting your path to app nirvana with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Your app strategy is undertaking a journey, and as a developer you're at the helm. Destination? Deeper engagement from your mobile app users. Join us for this technical session to see how Adobe Experience Manager Mobile provides a number of paths to achieve App Nirvana for your company's enterprise mobile apps. You’ll learn best practices for delivering your existing content in Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets to a whole new channel with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, and how to use Adobe Target to deliver personalized experiences within your app. Also discover tips and tricks for augmenting an existing hybrid app with the Adobe Mobile Services SDK—including in-app messaging, geolocation, user acquisition and more. Reserve your seat in Session S355.


Monday, March 211:30pm

Adobe Experience Manager Community Event

Join over 200 marketing and IT professionals from various industries and leading companies to kick off Summit. Connect with other Adobe Experience Manager users and experts to share best practices, challenges and the latest trends for using Adobe Experience Manager. Register for the Adobe Experience Manager Community Event.


Community Pavilion

Learn more about Adobe Experience Manager Mobile and meet with Adobe experts and staff on-site in the Community Pavilion.

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